Business Growth

Small businesses are struggling in Stanhope. Anthony Riccardi will help new and existing small businesses invest and prosper in Stanhope by working to find private and public entities that can provide the capital to expand our enterprising citizens.

Main Street

Anthony Riccardi will revitalize Main Street Stanhope to encourage more foot traffic by incorporating our businesses, parks, and historic sites into a cohesive and desirable location.

Tax Reform

Anthony Riccardi will work to lower the tax burden on residents by ensuring that taxes collected are used to directly help increase the value of our town.

Property Tax Reform

Property taxes are inherently regressive; they're harder on residents living on a fixed income. I will work closely with county and state officials to introduce effective property tax reform.


Anthony Riccardi will work with the community and state at large to incentivize renewable energy for the residents of Stanhope to reduce both the cost burden on home owners and businesses as well as the carbon burden on our local environment.


Anthony Riccardi will work to increase transparency into Stanhope’s municipality and work to get the whole community participating in democracy.